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With Konsell, clients can rely on the firm’s extensive experience of legal and tax issues relating to one or more jurisdictions, as well as Konsell’s knowledge of language, culture, and international practice standards. Konsell’s professionals are attuned to listening carefully, and are always open to discussion. Konsell offers the very best in quality service and is at pains to tailor all proposals and solutions to individual client needs.

KONSELL ABOGADOS & ASESORES S.L. is a fully registered Professional Services Firm dedicated to serving international clients. We specialize in providing comprehensive international services to individuals, entrepreneurs, companies, organizations, and legal entities.
Our expertise encompasses Legal and Tax advice, multifaceted case analysis, strategic planning and design, implementation of solutions, legal representation, as well as negotiation, mediation, and litigation.



International clients with interests in Spain often underestimate the impact of Spanish Courts and laws on their personal, family, and business affairs.
Seeking specialized advice to navigate or leverage different jurisdictions can unlock opportunities and mitigate risks. Our recommendation is to invest in obtaining specialized, expert advice. Our team comprises professionals adept in these areas, and we are proud members of the AEA International Lawyers Network, offering legal support in over 60 countries.



Your personal, family, and business decisions can lead to vastly different tax and economic outcomes. A deeper understanding of tax matters can significantly reduce your tax liabilities.
Proper tax consultation can save you hundreds to thousands of Euros, Pounds Sterling, or Dollars. Familiarize yourself with how Spanish tax laws apply to both residents and non-residents and the implications of International Tax Treaties on your operations in Spain and abroad.

You can find here a wide experience in legal and tax affairs connected to one or several jurisdictions, with a good understanding of language, culture and international practice standards.

You may profit and obtain from us high quality services related to:



Purchase, sale, rental, or investment in property
Urbanism and town planning
Licensing, project management, and compensation boards


Estate Planning, Inheritance

Succession planning and will drafting
Management of family and marriage assets
Assistance with changes of residence and similar matters


Multi jurisdiction cases

Addressing issues related to private, family, and business matters across different legal systems



Drafting and review of private, mercantile, and administrative contracts


Taxes and Accountancy

Ensuring compliance, handling inspections, and managing claims


Business consulting

Guidance on establishing and managing your business effectively


Litigation, negotiation and mediation

Expertise in civil, administrative, and tax-related disputes

Our Legal Team

We pride ourselves on customizing our proposals and solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.

Our approach is designed to identify and implement the most effective solution for any given situation, aiming to preempt unnecessary conflicts and resolve any disputes quickly and efficiently.

Konsell is built upon the foundation laid by seasoned professionals with deep roots in tax law, specializing in serving international clients with personal or professional interests in Spain.

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