Jose Manuel Díaz

Jose Manuel Díaz

Director Partner / Senior Lawyer / Tax Consultant

Founder Senior Partner / Managing Director


Jose Manuel Díaz is a lawyer with a degree from the University of Cadiz (1992), he has a master’s degree in tax consultancy from the University of Cadiz (2013). Jose Manuel is also an Expert in Town Planning and Urbanism (2007) studying at the El Monte Studies Institute of Seville. An expert on Intellectual Property, he graduated from the UNED University.

Working as an in-house lawyer for a group of private companies operating in Spain under British licence, he directed several projects for the Spanish Civil Service as Project Manager, a Counsellor for Business Projects to Entrepreneurs´ Association in Andalucía, and worked as Director of the Legal Department for the Firm Konsilia Tax Legal, which specialised in dealing with international clients. In 2013 founded Konsell Abogados y Asesores and is currently the Managing Director Partner.

He specializes in Civil and Commercial Law, Administrative Law and Urban Town Planning, Private International Law, and Tax Consultancy. He has extensive experience in advising foreign clients with interests in Spain. Jose Manuel has participated in some congresses of The Law Society of England and Wales, in training events including “Business Law Advice” and “Companies Processes Optimisation”, given by the Businessmen´s Association of Andalucía. He also participated in training seminar for “Arbitration”, “Creditors Meeting Management” and “Legal Mediation”, given by the Spanish Bar Association. He speaks fluent English and keeps his knowledge current via training courses and seminars.

Jose Manuel holds a Cambridge University qualification, International Legal English Certificate (ILEC).

He has been acting as Director and Partner to several international business/projects/ departments for more than 20 years. He has been a lawyer for almost 30 years, and for the last 15 years has specialised in advising and defending international clients in court.

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