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«Welcome to Konsell, where we bridge the gap between your international business ambitions and success in Spain. fully equipped to offer a comprehensive range of legal and tax services.

Our dedicated team comprises expert lawyers and tax advisors, fully committed to navigating the complexities of Spanish law and optimizing your tax strategies for you, providing personalized guidance at every step of your journey.
As your trusted partner in Spain, we ensure that your business not only complies with local regulations but also assist you in achieving both your business and personal objectives in Spain.»

Tax consultancy for corporations and permanent establishments


KONSELL offers comprehensive Tax Services for companies, organizations, freelancers, startups, and self-employed individuals. Our expert tax advice benefits both individuals and corporate entities. KONSELL provides advanced tax planning strategies that optimize income from both tax and accountancy perspectives, while considering the unique characteristics of each business and adhering to applicable laws. Our services include:

  • Tax and Estate Planning
  • International Taxation, including Double Taxation Agreements and Tax
  • Residence Issues
  • Tax Inspections and Procedures
  • Non-Resident Tax Compliance
  • General Spanish Taxation
  • Bookkeeping and Accountancy.

Looking for Tax Services for a PERMANENT ESTABLISHMENT or a HOLDING GROUP? Consider the Spanish ETVE. Clients with businesses abroad, whether corporate entities or not, looking to expand into Spain will find valuable opportunities through existing Double Taxation Treaties (DTTs) between Spain and many other countries, offering attractive options for international expansion.

Business Consulting And Development – International Corporate


Leveraging our extensive expertise in tax, accounting, business analysis, technological advancements, and the realm of independent business ownership, we are dedicated to assisting you in maximizing your time and efforts towards achieving a more profitable business. Our consultants excel in reinventing operating models and processes to boost productivity, unlock innovation, and drive corporate performance and value. We bring to bear domain knowledge across a diverse range of industries, complemented by cross-industry capabilities.

Whether you’re launching a new business or seeking to refine a more established one, partnering with us sets you on the path to success.


Konsell offers a comprehensive suite of resources covering various aspects of Corporate Law. Our services encompass company incorporation, reorganization, liquidation, and winding-up, drafting bylaws, operating agreements, organizing Annual Shareholder Meetings, advising on Boards of Directors, and membership changes, among others.

Corporate Transformation and Reorganisation:

In an organization’s life cycle, adapting to the business environment is crucial. Whether through growth or streamlining, your organization may find itself at a juncture where reviewing and restructuring your international operations is essential to maintain efficient corporate structures.

We specialize in cross-border transactions (including M&As and Due Diligence), international restructuring and reorganization, private equity, securities markets, and establishing branches and subsidiaries both in Spain and internationally.

Company Formation – Services – Reorganisation – Liquidation

Konsell offers comprehensive guidance and support for incorporating a commercial or civil corporation tailored to your business needs. Whether you’re considering a Limited Liability Company (Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada) or another corporate form, Konsell is equipped to facilitate the setup and optimization of your business. Our services extend to providing legal and tax advice to ensure compliance, alongside assistance with restructuring or liquidation as necessary.



Employing a Corporate Secretary is invaluable for ensuring the smooth and secure administration of your company. They play a crucial role in ensuring compliance with the myriad of rules and regulations both within the organization and externally. This ensures that your business operations are conducted safely and in accordance with legal requirements.

Tax Claims / Legal Defence and Representation

Facilitating procedures

Many of our current clients sought out Konsell´s expertise when they were already facing legal challenges, and numerous testimonials commend the defence they received. XXX is adept at negotiating with tax inspectors to clarify any misunderstandings about a client’s position and activities, thereby averting months of stress and financial burden during extended procedures.

When negotiation proves unfeasible, Konsell prioritizes administrative claims/ appeals remedies but remains fully equipped to offer robust court defence. Our firm boasts a commendable track record of success against various tax authorities, up to the High Court of Spain (Tribunal Supremo) and beyond, securing refunds for our clients and, in some cases, compensation for lost interest.

Both residents and non-residents are vulnerable to tax audits, with non-residents keen on establishing or operating a business in Spain increasingly finding themselves under scrutiny. Konsell excels in mitigating the impact of such audits and navigating the complex landscape on behalf of our clients.

Our team comprises seasoned tax advisors, lawyers, economists, auditors, and accountants, all well-versed in multiple jurisdictions and experienced in catering to international clients.

Litigation And Mediation – Advocacy – Counselling

we defend your legal case

Court proceedings are not only costly but also time-consuming. Konsell is deeply committed to avoiding litigation whenever possible, with our legal practice diligently working to prevent cases from escalating to that point.

However, when litigation becomes inevitable, Konsell is prepared to offer robust legal representation. Our firm takes pride in our notable success rate in defending clients in court.

Our attorneys possess profound experience in litigation and understand the importance of staying abreast of all current judicial and extrajudicial dispute resolution methods.

Konsell is equipped to provide representation in a wide array of cases, including civil, mercantile, administrative, business, and tax and accountancy matters.

Renewable Energies Investments And Developments

We study your case

The renewable energy sector is subject to constantly evolving regulations that necessitate informed guidance from knowledgeable professionals. This highly competitive field is fraught with complex procedures that can present numerous challenges and unexpected obstacles.

Andalusia, along with many other regions in Spain, is home to wind and solar power plants requiring significant investments. Konsell offers comprehensive services including feasibility studies, project management, support, and advice for establishing PV solar power plants and harnessing other renewable energy sources.

Our team of experts is thoroughly versed in energy regulations and provides specialized legal advice for negotiating deals and contracts. We assist in liaising with public authorities to secure necessary licenses and permits, tailor your business strategies to the Spanish market, and manage legal claims and court proceedings.